MOBA offers you the following five (5) key facilities, among others:


You never walk alone in life.

(a). Global Community: We stay connected as a Global Community, both virtually and in person through National and Branch gatherings and activities. Wherever another Old Boy is found, being “MOBA” is the visa to your being given preferential treatment.

(b). Support to one another, and to Maseno School: By being a Community, we support the aspirations of MOBA, of Maseno School, and also those of fellow Old Boys as is within our charitable objectives.

(c). Welfare Presence and Assistance: Should distress call on one of us, we stand with him as brothers, priority being given to distress appertaining to self, spouse, child and biological parents.


We offer a platform for Old Boys to network in their professional and social interests as follows:

(a). Local Networking Events: These take place at both National and Branch levels. Eg. Cocktails, exhibitions and launches.

(b). International Networking: Being “MOBA” is itself an accreditation and recommendation before fellow Old Boys locally and internationally. Link up with whichever Old Boys and their interests as you wish.

(c). MOBA Directory Service: MOBA runs a Directory Service that lists all its Members, and their professional and social interests, location, and contacts, so we can build and empower one another.

(d). MOBA Newsletter: MOBA runs a digital Newsletter that updates members on matters of MOBA and its membership. Members can also advertise their goods and services, and also publicize in this Newsletter any professional or social events that they have.


The best way to support and empower one another is in a “Buy MOBA, Build MOBA” loyalty programme.


(a) Goods and Service Market: Old Boys are encouraged to offer competitive goods and services in exchange for this loyalty, and if possible offer preferential discounts to MOBA members. Old Boys should not abuse or be abused in this facility; all business norms should be observed.


(b) Labour Market: Old Boys could offer fellow Old Boys a priority or even link them up for any job opportunities, including internships, attachments and any contracts. Again, all employer and employee norms should be observed, so that this be not abused.


(a). MOBA Sacco Society Ltd: We offer thrift, savings, credit, investments and other economic empowerment facilities and initiatives to our members through the MOBA Savings and Credit Cooperative (Sacco) Society Ltd.

CLICK HERE to visit the MOBA Sacco website to learn how to join the sacco and start benefiting immediately!

(b). MOBA Investments: We have investment arms of the Society and the Sacco, through which we seek to leverage on our opportunities and expertise for sustainable gain. Members are free to invest directly or indirectly through any of the MOBA Investment vehicles.


(a). Old Boys Re-Unions and Get-Together: MOBA organizes atleast one national re-union of Old Boys in an annual gathering tagged “Kongamano”, and several others at both National and Branch levels.


(b). Old Boys Recreation and Adventure: We organize recreation events for Old Boys to experience adventure, youth and bond as men. Activities can include adventure expeditions, games (such as football, bowling nights, snooker evening, GP carting racing, playing golf), watching sports, drink-ups, weekend getaways, nature trips and talks from speakers.

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